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A Fine Wife tells the real and raw story of Randall & Michelle White, giving viewers a behind the scenes look at what living with untreated bipolar disorder is like. 

Michelle White was a nurse who helped save many lives while she was on Earth and after her passing, Randall hopes that Michelle's story will continue to help save lives by educating the public about their tragic love story and how disruptive mental illness really is. 

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Blue is a fictional story based on true events. After her only family member passes away, suicide seems like the next natural step for Helen Daniels, but like most things in her life, the attempt doesn’t go as planned.

Blue captures the authentic feel of suicide ideation, self harm and how a beautiful friendship can save a life. 

Directed by: Gabriela Ledesma Written by: Gabriela Ledesma & Callie Schuttera. 


Starring: Callie Schuttera, Shaw Jones, Judith Scott, Laura Nicole Harrison, and Chelsea Lopez

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